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The EAADA has added a couple classes to our Sparkle and Spurs Show on August 12-13, FEI 7 year old tests.Saturday will…

Congratulation to Jan Simmonds for being the Equestrian Canada dressage Volunteer of the month of June.

Jan has played…

The Horse and Recognition Awards for 2016 will be presented during the 2017 AGM at The Westerner in Red Deer on…

ADA has been advised by AGLC that our next Casino will run December 11-12, 2017 and will be held at Deeroot Inn Casino…

Robinson LLP is pleased to offer a 2016 Dressage Award of Excellence. Amatateurs and Juniors have a chance to win the…

ADA Meeting Information 2017 ADA AGM Saturday April 22nd, 2017 - Westerner Park, Red Deer *During the Mane Event*…


Maple Leaf Meadows Festival I & II

Sunday May 7 & Sunday July 9

Development, Hunter, Cadora Dressage

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Please Note: EC Sanctioned Gold, Silver and Bronze competitions, AEF Wildrose Shows, and schooling show dates are…
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PAADA  Schooling show High Point Awards 2016 





Western Dressage Intro – Champion – Elise Petitjean with a 70%  



Western Dressage Level 1 – Champion – Arlene Mackenzie with a 70%



First Level –  Champion – Suzanne Hanley-Hawkings with a 75%  


                      Res Champion – Rebecca Pinches with a 67% 




Third Level - Champion – Jean Duckering with a 64%  


                     Res Champion – Arlene Mackenzie with a 62% 



PSG-            Champion – Tracy Robertson with a 62%


Congrdulations to everyone who competed this season!